South & South East in Bloom

South & South East in Bloom is part of the Britain in Bloom campaign, where boroughs, communities, residents, businesses can work together to improve their  environment.

2016 – Gold & Winner of The Town Award

2014 – Silver Gilt

The themes for South & South East in Bloom in 2016 were Clean & Green for the Queen and continued support for the Royal Horticultural Society’s continued campaign Greener Streets – Better Lives Award.

South & South East in Bloom has three main objectives:

1. See an increase in the number of people involved in gardening and horticulture and to see the standard maintained or rise wherever possible.

2. To see improvement in how we care for our environment, including how we care for scarce resources such as water.

3. How we come together as communities and make a contribution to the above by getting involved and making our Neighbourhoods, Villages, Towns & cities better places to live work and visit.

The South & South East in Bloom Awards 2016 took place at Ferneham Hall, Fareham on 14th September 2016.