Cranleigh Rocks Bug Line

Cranleigh Rocks, a group started earlier this year by Cranleigh in Bloom, hosted a Bug Line at Cranleigh Library on Saturday.

320 insect and flower themed painted pebbles were placed in a long line during the day, which saw a large number of people taking part to share and enjoy their creations.

Cranleigh Library also participated by holding a pebble painting craft session outside, which raised £30 for the library.

It was great to meet so many of the people who have been painting and hiding pebbles around the village since Cranleigh in Bloom launched this initiative in April.

Pebble painting, hiding and finding is an activity which appeals to all ages. Parents have told us they love how enthusiastic their children are about taking part in Cranleigh Rocks, adding some fun to a walk to the shops.

The Cranleigh Rocks group on Facebook now has 842 members!

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